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What Is the Cash Flow Banking System?

Why every financial plan should have cash flow banking as its foundation

The rules have changed, and the middle-class doesn’t know it yet.

The good news is that once you understand the game you’re really in, it’s actually pretty easy to win.

Imagine for a moment that you could predict wealth cycles.  If you could predict wealth cycles, then you’d be able to …

  • Know what to look for in the news, politics, economics and financials… you’ll know when, where and why to move your money.
  • Predict the stock market… well, you can never predict the stock market… but you can see the upcoming economic changes that will affect it in big ways.
  • Know what numbers to measure, you’d always understand what’s really going on in the economy. (And I’m not talking about indices, government stats or prices).

Everyone has access to the same information, but once you begin to pay attention to the “big picture” stuff… you start seeing implications, consequences and what’s going to happen next.  You can actually predict the financial future.

The Value Of Predicting the Financial Future

Let’s say you started off with $1,000 in 1971, along with this “crystal ball”.

  • You invest it in gold. From 1971-1980… Gold shot up from $37/oz. to $850/oz.
  • That’s a 2297% return! Your $1,000 is now worth $22,973. You then move it over to stocks.
  • And from 1980-2000… The Dow Jones Index skyrocketed from $760 to $11,500
  • A 1513% return! Your $22,973 has become $347,581. Now, let’s avoid the tech crash of late 2000 and move it back into gold.
  • From 2000-2011… the price of gold went from $272 to $1679 – a 617% return!

Your $1,000 becomes $2,144,575!

Largest Transfer of Wealth in the History of the World

There’s something else you need to understand about wealth cycles.  This next one coming up is different. It’s bigger, more volatile and maybe even slightly unpredictable.

Just here in the US, our debt has passed 100% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Our GDP is $16 trillion, compared to $16.2 trillion in debt. And that’s not counting the $150 trillion from unfunded liabilities like Medicare and Social Security.

It’s mathematically impossible for the US government to ever pay off that debt. And unfortunately, the bill is coming due now that baby boomers are set to retire.  This will all come to a boiling point when interest rates on government debt, after years of record lows, are forced to rise. Maybe even to crushing 15-18% rates like we saw in the early 1980’s.

When this happens, the US government will be forced to default on its debts.  The only question, is, how will they default?

  • The US government can choose to simply not pay the debts and begin austerity programs. This will cause social unrest like we’ve seen in Europe.  And it’ll also bring severe deflation.
  • Or the Federal Reserve could choose to print more money to pay off our debts. But creditors don’t like to be paid in newly printed money, so this will quickly devalue the dollar.  And that will bring severe inflation. Maybe even hyperinflation.

Those are the only two choices.

If you’re not careful, your savings and investments will be destroyed in the next 3-5 years.  If you’re on the wrong side during the next cycle, you’ll have everything wiped out.

If you’re on the right side, you will see your wealth multiply ten, twenty… maybe even fifty fold or more.

The Wealth Blueprint For the New Economy

Mike Dillard and The Elevation Group searched far and wide to gather the best financial experts and economic seers from across the globe. And together, we put together a Wealth Blueprint that can prosper in good times and bad.

The backbone of the blueprint is Cash Flow Banking, supported by Cash Flow Assets, Precious Metals and advanced tax strategies.

Cash Flow Banking System

You can think of Cash Flow Banking as a typical bank. You can deposit money, earn interest on savings, access funds almost like a checking account, and take out loans. But the perks of this banking system are much greater.

For example, when most banks are paying under 1% interest on savings, Cash Flow banking pays 2-10%.

Plus – instead of paying interest on your loans, you actually EARN interest when you borrow money.

And that’s just the beginning,

  • Deposits are safe from creditors, safe from lawsuits, safe from the taxman… and even safe from an ex-spouse.
  • They’re extremely liquid, so you can take out the funds anytime you wish with a few days notice – unlike a 401(k), IRA or real estate.
  • There’s no minimum or maximum amount of money you may deposit.
  • And when you retire, you can withdraw money 100% tax-free, without restriction

And it’s also a great weapon against either inflation or deflation.

In a high inflationary environment, you can quickly access the funds to purchase gold or silver. Plus, as interest rates rise in this scenario, you may earn more interest on your reserves as well.

In a deflationary environment, cash is king! And the fact that it only takes a few days to get your hands on your cash makes Cash Flow Banking a powerful investment alternative.


For more information on how the cash flow banking system works, click here.

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